Martinez Real Estate

    Martinez real estate is located in Contra Costa County and is the county seat. The town is located along the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers in the central part of the county. This is a town with a rich history that can be traced to the 1840s. During this time it was a point for a ferry that crossed the Carquinez Straits for those who were headed for the gold fields. It is one of the first towns in California and is the birthplace of legendary baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. One of the most noticeable aspects of Martinez is the shops in the downtown area that have retained the early 20th Century look. Many of the buildings in this area are over 125 years old. Martinez homes for sale include many that were constructed from 1970 to 1994 and from 1940 to 1969. There are a significant number of historic homes as well as new construction.

    Residents of Martinez real estate are served by the Martinez Unified School District. There are nine schools in the district with an enrollment of 4,045 students. The city has modernized the downtown area as well as the amenities. In 2001, an Intermodal Facility was opened and has become a popular place to stop along the Amtrak line. The restoration of Alhambra Creek has added to the beauty of the downtown and an outdoor amphitheater is part of the additions.

    Residents of Martinez real estate enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. With the mild temperatures of the area, there are many opportunities for sports, as well as the 16 parks and a marina that are located here. Parks include Cappy Ricks Park, Ferry Point Picnic Area, Foothills Park, Hidden Lakes Park, John Muir Park and many more. The bocce ball courts host the nation’s largest bocce federation. There is a 10,000-square foot Skate Park that provides an attraction for Martinez and neighboring communities.

    The Rankin Aquatic Center is another recreational venue for residents of Martinez. This is a $6 million complex with a play pool, spray play equipment and a teaching area. A lap pool with eight lanes and a diving well is used for swim meets and fun. There are five picnic areas that encompass the pools.

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